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Australian Online Sales Days: The Full List (How to Make Huge Savings)

published February 2, 2024
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How to make huge savings at the sales 


Despite our relative isolation, we Aussies have created an online shopping environment that’s the envy of the whole world. We love getting stuff on the internet, and that’s only going to get bigger every year. 

If your New Year's resolution was to save money, here’s some ideas. 

I’ve created this comprehensive guide with every significant online sale this year. Feel free to bookmark it, print it, and stick it to your fridge. Up to you.

However, before we get there, let’s talk about how you can get ahead of these deals long before they go live. So, when the time comes to shop, you’re loaded with LifePoints gift cards that’ll mean massive savings on the day. Here’s how:


  1. Join LifePoints

LifePoints works with some of Australia’s biggest brands to gather opinions on how you, the consumer, feel about their products. These are done as surveys, and when you fill in a survey, you earn points, or ‘LifePoints’.


  1. Swap your LifePoints for Gift Cards

The more surveys you do, the more LifePoints you earn. The more LifePoints you earn, the more gift cards you get. It’s that easy. It’s a great side-hustle you can do in your spare time and on the go using our app. 


  1. Use your Gift Cards During the Online Sale


If you’re a LifePoints member, you can combine your gift cards with the sales and score incredible deals, often getting your goods for free. So, sign up and get 10 points immediately. Then, start your survey journey, and when the online sale day goes live, you can take massive advantage of the discounts in combination with your gift cards.

You can earn rewards from top e-commerce brands like PayPal and As well as famous high street retailers, including Coles, Myer and JB Hi-Fi, all of which are featured in sales days below. 



 Sales Day 1: Boxing Day 

 When: December 26 – January 1 

Boxing Day Sales are a significant retail event in Australia, marking the start of the post-Christmas discount season. Historically, this day was when servants received gifts from their employers, known as "Christmas boxes," hence the name 'Boxing Day.' 

Over time, it evolved into a major shopping holiday akin to Black Friday in the United States. In Australia, it’s an ideal time for consumers to snag deals on items that were perhaps too pricey before Christmas or to spend their holiday gift vouchers.

If you join LifePoints today, it means by the time Boxing Day sales start at the end of the year, you could already have thousands of dollars’ worth of gift cards ready to go. 

 Sales Day 2: New Year’s Day 

 When: 1 January  

The New Year’s Day sales are a one-day-only event on the first of Jan and a continuation of Boxing Day sales – usually blending into one.

Following the festive frenzy of December, these sales offer consumers attractive discounts across various categories, including electronics, fashion, and home goods. It's a chance for shoppers to grab deals on items for the upcoming year.

Again, if you fill in enough surveys this year, you could stock up massively for the year ahead by the time next year rolls around.

 Sales Day 3: Australia Day Sales 

 When: 6 January  

Australia Day sales are a unique fixture in the Aussie retail calendar, offering a patriotic twist to shopping. These sales capitalize on national pride and the holiday spirit, presenting special discounts on products, mainly from local brands. 

Retailers, both in-store and online, showcase deals on local goods, from clothing to home decor, encouraging consumers to support domestic businesses. The sales are an opportunity for bargain hunting and celebrating Australian goods and entrepreneurship. For shoppers, it's a day to indulge in retail therapy while embracing national identity and local craftsmanship.



 Sales Day 4: Valentine's Day Sales 

 When: Early Feb               

Valentine's Day sales in Australia are a cornerstone of early-year retail, capitalising on the spirit of romance and affection. Around this day, retailers offer various deals, especially on traditional gifts like jewellery, chocolates, flowers, and romantic getaways. 

These sales cater to those looking to express love through thoughtful presents, supplying a range of options from luxurious items to more affordable yet meaningful alternatives. Online and brick-and-mortar stores take part, often starting promotions in early February. This period boosts retail and encourages consumers to celebrate their relationships with special tokens of love and memorable experiences.



 Sales Day 5: Afterpay Day 

 When: March & August (exact date TBC) 

Afterpay Day, an event occurring twice a year, is increasingly popular among eCommerce shoppers who prefer paying for their purchases in instalments rather than making a single payment. This event typically occurs in March and August, with the specific dates announced shortly before it begins. The latter half of the Afterpay Day sale is scheduled for August 17-20. Previously, in March, the event saw participation from thousands of retailers and attracted five million customers in physical and online stores.



 Sales Day 6: Easter 

 When: 7-10 April 

Easter sales are probably the most underrated and under the radar, but in our experience, one of the best. Last year saw thousands of Aussie businesses participate, with millions of dollars saved by thousands of shoppers. Also, don’t forget the huge savings on chocolate on Easter Sunday.



 Sales Day 7: May Day 

 When: 1 May 

Coinciding with the Labor Day holiday in QLD and the Northern Territories, there’ll be a variety of goods on a 24-hour sale. If you’ve used LifePoints for the last few months, now’s a great time to use those gift cards.

 Sales Day 8: Mother’s Day Sales 

 When: 14 May 

It's a great time to spoil mum (or yourself), with retailers nationwide offering special deals and discounts. These sales encompass a wide range of products, from jewellery and fashion to home appliances and beauty products, catering to the diverse interests of mums nationwide.

 Sales Day 9: eBay Plus Weekend 

 When: 24 – 31 May (exact dates TBC) 

eBay Plus Weekend, a yearly exclusive event for subscribers, usually spans a week, starting on a Friday. The previous year's sale kicked off on May 24 and concluded on May 31. Shoppers are treated to a standard 20% reduction on many products, alongside short-duration offers that slash prices by as much as 80%. As LifePoints members are rewarded with eBay gift cards, the potential for savings is incredible. 



 Sales Day 10: EOFY Sales 

 When: 30 June 

The official date for the end-of-financial year sale is June 30, but many retailers kick off their sales earlier and extend them into the beginning of the following month. Shoppers can look forward to discounts on various items, including home appliances, televisions, fashion, and beauty products.



 Sales Day 11: Amazon Prime Day

 When: 11-12 July 

Amazon Prime Day, a major sales event in the US comparable to Black Friday, is also making waves in Australia with impressive offers in gaming, home goods, and technology. This event primarily targets Amazon Prime subscribers, but non-members can access these deals. In 2023, Prime Day is scheduled for July 11-12. 

If you’ve been with LifePoints for the year so far, you’d have possibly thousands of dollars in Amazon gift cards to spend on Prime Day!



 Sales Day 12: Father’s Day 

 When: 3 September 

While Father's Day is officially on the 3rd, sales leading up to it will kick off weeks in advance. Expect hundreds of dad-friendly deals online, with dozens of opportunities to use your gift cards to treat the old man (or yourself, why not). 

 Sales Day 13: International Charity Day 

 When: September 5 

International Charity Day was established in 2012 by the United Nations. This special day highlights the significance of acts of kindness, volunteerism, and philanthropic efforts. Aligning with the commemoration of Mother Theresa's passing, it serves as a reminder and celebration of how charitable deeds can play a vital role in reducing poverty, addressing emergencies, and enhancing governmental services.

This isn’t an online sales day, but we’re including it because we think it’s a great time to share the rewards you’ve earned with someone less fortunate. In Australia, we work with The Red Cross, Cancer Council Australia, Guide Dogs Australia and UNICEF on charitable drives and initiatives.



 Sales Day 14: Amazon Prime Big Deal Days 

 When: 10-11 October 

Like Prime Day, Amazon’s end-of-year sales are 65 hours of unbeatable deals. Another excellent opportunity to build up LifePoints ahead of time is to swap for Amazon gift cards, meaning you could save thousands of dollars. 

 Sales Day 15: Click Frenzy Main Event 

 When: 24 October 

Click Frenzy is our Cyber Monday. An Australia-wide discount bonanza which lets Aussie retailers share deals on the Click Frenzy platform. The Click Frenzy Main Event is tech-focused, and you can score incredible savings on TVs, appliances, consoles and more.  



 Sales Day 16: Singles Day 

 When: 11 November 

What started as a joke between uni students in China has now become one of the most significant online sales events of the year. It’s all about treating yourself; thousands of deals and discounts are available.

 Sales Day 17: Black Friday 

When: 26 November 

What more needs to be said about Black Friday? Not much. Click here for more details if you wish. Long story short, the best day for online shopping. If you’ve been earning LifePoints this year, you could do all your Christmas shopping until 2028 with all the money you could save.

 Sales Day 18: Sofa Sunday 

 When: 27 November 

Sofa Sunday, celebrated on the Sunday following Thanksgiving in the United States, is renowned as an ideal shopping day. This popularity stems from the attractive discounts and minimal (sometimes even zero) shipping fees because it falls on a Sunday. This timing is perfect as most people are already at home and online, making it an excellent opportunity to relax, browse, and buy from the comfort of your sofa.

 Sales Day 19: Cyber Monday 

 When: 28 November 

Cyber Monday offers excellent opportunities for Australians to snag incredible deals. On the Monday following Thanksgiving in the USA, it often merges with Black Friday sales, with many brands and retailers prolonging their discounts throughout the weekend. This extension supplies ample time for shoppers to explore and enjoy the lowest prices at their preferred stores, ensuring they don't miss out on the best bargains.



 Sales Day 20: Free Shipping Day 

 When: 14 December 

Free Shipping Day is a major online retail event, typically taking place in mid-December. This one-day extravaganza promises free shipping with the assurance of delivery by Christmas Eve. Featuring over 1000 retailers, it even has a dedicated website, making it the ideal place to find deals. Perfectly timed for last-minute Christmas shopping, it's convenient for those seeking gift ideas, particularly jewellery. This event is a boon for both procrastinators and bargain-hunters alike.

 Sales Day 21: Christmas Day 

 When: 25 December 

Sure, by the 25th, you should have all your Christmas shopping done. But, while Santa may have come and gone, there are still loads of deals to be had. Retailers offer fantastic discounts on Christmas Day for canny shoppers like you, so why not use the most festive day of the year to fill your basket and ensure you kick off the next year with a bang.


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