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How to earn eBay gift cards

published October 27, 2023
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Who doesn't like scoring deals on eBay? Now, thanks to LifePoints, that might have become that little bit easier.


eBay is the world’s go-to place to find online bargains. Both new and ‘pre-loved’, it's where millions of us go to find incredible deals. Known for its wide variety, convenience, and great value, eBay has it all. What if you could make the deals even better with free eBay gift cards? 


Grab your virtual shopping cart, and let's explore the savings options.


The five ways you can earn free eBay gift cards are:


1. Watch out for free gift card offers from eBay

2. Use cashback websites to get free eBay gift vouchers

3. Online surveys with LifePoints

4. Make the most of eBay sales to score free gift cards

5. eBay gift card giveaways


1. Watch out for free gift card offers from eBay

eBay loves surprises, like sending out free gift cards. Keep a keen eye on your emails, website banners and their social media pages for updates. You can even earn a free gift card when you buy something, join events or spend above a certain amount.


2. Use cashback websites to get free eBay gift vouchers


Cashback websites, like cash rewards and ShopBack, make shopping with eBay even cheaper. They're a simple concept:

  • Sign up
  • Find eBay on their list
  • Click the link to eBay 
  • Buy yourself something nice. 


Once you buy something, you get cashback in the form of free eBay gift cards. Watch as your cashback grows with every purchase; it's like getting paid to shop.


3. Earn free eBay gift cars by taking online surveys with LifePoints


Did you know you can earn free eBay gift cards? With LifePoints, you take surveys and earn free eBay gift cards. Companies are eager to hear what you really think about their products. The great news is when you share your opinion with us here at LifePoints, you'll get rewarded with gifts like a free $20 eBay gift card for sharing your opinion. You could even earn more, with some LifePoints members earning over $50 every month in free eBay gift cards.


Signing up is simple, and free. Once you've signed up, take some surveys and earn your points. When you have enough points, you can swap them for rewards like free eBay gift cards. It's easy, anyone can join and all you need is an internet connection. 

4. Make the most of eBay sales and events to score free gift cards


eBay's special events are prime opportunities. They can be seasonal like Christmas or Easter, or they can be random, like summer sales. In the past, eBay has offered deals like receiving a $50 eBay gift card when buying clothes or tech. These events are goldmines for free gift cards, so make sure you don’t miss them


5. eBay Gift Card Giveaways

Keep an eye out for free eBay gift card giveaways and contests straight from eBay. eBay is great, but look into other places too. Influencers, blogs and other companies will run gift card giveaways every day. Each giveaway will be different, but most of the time they involve you sharing a post, tagging friends or answering questions.


Now it’s time to earn free eBay gift cards


Now you're equipped with five savvy tricks to secure free eBay gift cards in Australia. Ready to get started? It's as simple as keeping an eye out for offers, using cashback websites, and doing online surveys, as well as other ways talked about.


Join LifePoints and earn free eBay gift cards with ease. It's free, and there's huge earning potential. In the last year alone, we've rewarded our members with over $34 million.


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