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Make holidays easier with Christmas gift cards

published September 22, 2022
Young woman holding a credit card and a gift box against the background of Christmas decor and gifts close-up. Christmas and New Year shopping on the Internet. Payment by gift card

Make your budget go that extra bit further this Christmas with our gift card tips. Christmas is a great time to celebrate with the friends and family, but the lead up to the big day can be stressful and expensive. With inflation going up you need to make every dollar count if you want the Christmas you deserve. So, if you’re looking to make the most of your budget, gift cards and rewards can help out in more ways than you might think! If you’re reading this in Summer and think this is a little too early, online research tells us that people start planning and shopping for Christmas as early as August, so you’re not alone.

Use a free Christmas gift card to help with rising inflation

The cost of everything has gone up recently because of inflation, so you’ll need to make your budget stretch that little bit further. Luckily, there are a lot of fantastic ways to cut down your and still keep the Christmas spirit flowing.

You can use free gift cards and cash rewards in more ways than you might think. Inflation impacts everybody in a different way, so the flexibility of a gift card gives you so much. You don’t even need to leave this site to get some free gift cards. Here at LifePoints you can share your opinion on a range of engaging topics and get rewarded with points. You can then swap your points for gift cards or PayPal cash added to your account. As a gift to you, you can even get 10 complimentary points just for signing up.

How to reduce stress at Christmas with a free gift card

If you’re anything like us, you look forward to Christmas because you get to spend time with loved ones, get some time off work and get to enjoy all the celebrations. But a lot of the holidays can be stressful and frustrating. Stores can be crowded and confusing, and you can’t always find what you want. So avoid the crowds – and the stress – by getting clever with Christmas gift cards. You can sit on your couch, surf the internet, and buy some gifts without leaving the comfort of your home. Not only will you be saving money, you’ll also beat the crowds.

Use your gift card to take part in all the fun Christmas traditions in Australia

Australia has a lot of Christmas traditions and being able to join in makes the holiday season can create some special memories. Check out the Carols of the Domain in Sydney, the Adelaide Christmas pageant, and the Carols by Candlelight in Melbourne, among others. You probably even have some local traditions in your own town. Like most other things at Christmas though it is yet another thing you have to spend money on. Again, this is one of those areas where a Christmas gift card could come in handy. ’Your wallet won’t take the hit and you still get to make those special memories only a Christmas tradition can give you.

Use your gift card on all the fantastic Australian Christmas food

Everyone has their favourite delicious Australian Christmas Food. During the holidays you get to savour some of the best seafood in the world and that’s just scratching the surface. There are fantastic meat, veggie, and vegan options too. But having a full feast can cost you a good chunk of change. That’s where a free gift card can help. Whether you need that little bit extra to help you get the basics or you want to splurge on something special, a free gift card can help you get there.

Use a gift card on some fun Christmas activities

The big day is a great time to connect with your family, and you may want to plan a few fun activities, just to ramp up the fun and memories some more. You might have a favourite boardgame or movie? Perhaps you all get together to make gingerbread houses, whatever your vibe, even these can be an unexpected strain on your wallet this year. Gift cards are the ideal solution for this. You are able to buy what you need to add a fun Christmas activity, and if you earn your gift card with LifePoints you can get it for free.

Use a gift card for a Christmas charity donation

Christmas is also great a time to give back and donating your time and money will always give you a warm feeling this time of year. It’s easy to get caught up in the hectic lifestyle, but now is the ideal opportunity to take a step back and make an impact. There are so many great charities out there and at this time of year they will be looking for donations, so it can be hard figuring out exactly what to do and where to donate. If you’re looking for Christmas charity donation ideas, it is easy to donate right here at LifePoints. If you have some spare points left over, you are able to exchange those points for a donation to the Special Olympics.

Make your Christmas day even better with a gift card

These days you can get everything you need for the big day online. So why not make Christmas better with all the different opportunities a gift card can give you. On the internet you can get food, decorations, rent films, buy necessities such as gift wrap, and of course get any present you could ever think of Whatever you need to up your Christmas game you’re able to with a gift card, and for free if you earn the gift card online. Even something as small as adding a little treat to your Christmas table with high quality napkins can add a little sparkle into your Christmas, so a gift card is the perfect way to add those extra special touches.

Use your gift card and make the most of sales

Did you know you can also use your Christmas gift card for something non-Christmas related? The holiday season is full of sales like Black Friday, Cyber Monday sales, Boxing day sales, New Year’s Day sales or even general holiday sales. Most shops, especially online shops, will have one of these sales towards the end of the year. Sometimes multiple sales. This makes it the perfect time to use any gift card you have or earn. Using a gift card on the sales to get something for Christmas is still a great option and combining a gift card with seasonal sales helps to stretch the pennies and beat inflation even more.

Now it’s time to make the most of your Christmas gift card

Whether you have a gift card already or are about to earn one by taking our surveys, a gift card at Christmas can really make the difference in your holiday season and help you make the most of your budget.

Whether you want to use a gift card on friends or family, use it on essentials for the big day, or just for a cheeky treat for yourself, there are so many possible ways that a gift card can help you out. You don’t even need to leave this site to get a free gift card. Share your opinion with us and earn rewards for PayPal simply by signing up with LifePoints. In the season of giving, we’re even giving you 10 complimentary points to get you started when you sign up.