LifePoints testimonials: Erica’s review

published November 8, 2022

“It’s the one site I can trust that I can take legitimate surveys and get rewarded for it.”

Meet Erica! She’s been a member of the LifePoints community for nearly 10 years. What she likes is the fact that LifePoints gives out the best points values of any other online paid survey site. Erica finds it particularly useful to use the Amazon gift cards she can earn and says she typically uses them just before Prima days.

Erica not only finds LifePoints trustworthy but really flexible saying: It’s a side gig I can do anytime at home.” What’s great is that Erica has been telling other people about LifePoints rewards adding: “I’ve recommended to many friends over the years, and I still will…”

“It’s a side gig I can do anytime at home.”

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LifePoints rewards

When you take surveys with LifePoints you’ll earn amazing rewards for completing surveys. Whether you’re looking for a side hustle like Erica and using it to maximise your Amazon gift card or planning to get something on Cyber Monday or Christmas , there are multiple benefits of being a LifePoints member.

Still have questions?

Find below our most frequently asked ones, or for more answers, see the LifePoints Help Center.

How can I earn quick cash with online surveys?

Earning quickly with LifePoints is easy. Sing up takes no time and the more surveys you take the quicker you will get paid

How can I get paid for taking surveys?

With LifePoints you can cash out after you have earned enough points. When you are ready to cash out you can select PayPal cash or a gift card of your choosing.

How can I do online surveys for money?

Taking surveys online for money is easy. Sign up in a few minutes you’ll be ready to take surveys and earn cash online quickly.

How does LifePoints pay?

With LifePoints you can get paid with either a PayPal balance transfer or your choice of top gift cards.

How much money can you make on LifePoints?

You can make a good amount of money taking surveys with LifePoints. It is not a replacement for a full-time job, but we have members like Douglas from Pennsylvania, US, who has made over $1000 in cash or gift cards last year alone just by taking surveys.

What is LifePoints Panel?

LifePoints panel and LifePoints are the same thing. Any time you them being used they can be swapped for the other one.

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