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Brands that used surveys in market research

published May 15, 2023
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Companies big and small conduct market research using surveys.


LifePoints works with top brands across Australia, and by sharing your opinion in surveys, you can make a difference in some of the products we all use all the time.


We’re not always able to share who we work for, so, we’ve taken a look at a number of other brands that used their own market research to improve their products or services. Some examples are:


  • Plane food
  • Fast food menu options
  • Healthy lunches
  • Sports stadiums
  • Chocolate bars
  • Phone battery life
  • Home improvement tools



Why is market research important?


Market research is one of the most important steps businesses take to help them work out what their customers need. Without it, businesses can really struggle.



Market research definition


Market research is where businesses gather thoughts and feelings from current or potential customers about their product. This info is then used to make changes and improve those products or services.


Some examples of market research you might come across include surveys, experiments, internet research, focus groups and data analysis, among others.



What are the types of surveys?


There are multiple types of surveys, all with different uses. Some survey topics can include:


  • Why do people buy something
  • What people think about a current product line
  • What habits do people have
  • How much money people will spend on something
  • Brand recognition
  • Opinions on brands



7 examples of market research using surveys


These brands all used surveys to understand their current and potential customers. The industries and products are all very different, but surveys helped them change for the better. 


1. Surveys made plane food tastier


Airlines often want to understand what people need during long-haul flights. Airlines found by conducting surveys that a lot of passengers have dietary requirements that typical plane food can’t accommodate. Knowing this, airlines have started introducing new options like dairy-free or gluten-free meals that cater to those different dietary needs.


2. You have more fast-food options because of what people said in surveys


Fast food restaurants use surveys to see if their customers are happy with the menu selections. A lot of the time, the data will tell them that people want to try something new, so they introduce new items to the local menu to give people what they want. Think about the different options you found at your favourite fast food restaurant?


3. Want a healthier lunch? You have more healthy options at shops due to surveys


Supermarkets have used surveys to understand their customer for years. Now they are asking people if they are happy with the number of healthy options. A lot of supermarkets have been behind the trend of offering healthier or plant-based options. Next time you go to the shops, look out for salads, wraps, and smoothies!


4. Stadiums offer better service because of surveys


Stadiums across Australia have conducted surveys to understand how to make the experience better for fans at matches. As it happened, one of the main takeaways from this market research was that people wanted better food and drinks. Have you enjoyed any revamped menus at your local stadium lately?


5. Surveys gave you more chocolate options


Chocolate makers use surveys to understand if people are happy with the size of the chocolate bars. One trend they found is that people wanted smaller chocolates. Yes, they really wanted smaller bars. That’s why your favourite bar of chocolate may seem a bit smaller these days. If you disagree with this opinion, then look out for surveys about chocolate and have your voice heard.



6. Have you noticed your phone battery lasting longer?


Phone makers made their batteries last longer because of surveys data. One of the biggest complaints we all have about our phones is that battery life just doesn’t last long enough. Based on this feedback from surveys, phone companies have introduced new smartphone models with longer battery life. Among other improvements.



7. You have more home improvement tools thanks to surveys


Home improvement shops have used survey data to understand what people thought about their products. The results painted a very sad story indeed. But armed with the knowledge that people wanted to do more with their homes than just fix light bulbs, they started offering products to help people decorate their homes. Because there’s an interior designer in all of us.



Now it’s your turn to have your voice heard…


These products and services are all around us, but they are only a small snippet of the products that surveys have improved. With LifePoints, you can say what you think about big brands, and that feedback is shared directly with decision-makers at big companies.


…And make some money as a reward


For each survey you complete, you get rewarded with points, also known as LifePoints. You can then exchange your LifePoints for a selection of rewards, such as Amazon gift cards, PayPal cash or a donation to the Special Olympics, among others. Read the How It Works page for how you can get the best from LifePoints.



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