How to plan your perfect Halloween Party

published September 13, 2023
group of children dressed in Halloween costumes running through a green field

Halloween, a Spooktacular time filled with delights, is the perfect opportunity to throw a memorable party. Whether you're planning a party for your kids, or kids at heart, this guide has you covered.

Here you'll learn how you can plan a party your guests will talk about for years to come. Luckily, you can plan the event on a budget. For each idea, you can find a free gift card you can get from LifePoints, which can help you pay for your Halloween food, decorations and, of course, the all-important candy!

Things to think about when planning your Halloween party:

  • Watch some Halloween movies to set a spooky mood
  • Make your space spooky with some Halloween decorations
  • Join in with Halloween traditions
  • Break out the Halloween candy
  • Make your own spooky treats for your Halloween party
  • Give your guests something to take home


1. Watch some Halloween movies to set a spooky mood

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Setting the tone with a Halloween movie marathon is a fantastic idea. Whether you want to scare your guests or create a fun atmosphere, Halloween movies set the stage for an unforgettable party.

From horror staples to family-friendly movies, Amazon has a big library of Halloween movies for all ages. Grab your favourite snacks, dim the lights and let the show begin.


2. Transform your home into a haunted house with some Halloween decorations

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Festive decorations can make a Halloween party more than a normal party. Up the spooky vibes with decorations such as lanterns, skeletons and ghoulish lights. Decorations will transport your guests into a spooky world as soon as they enter your very own haunted house. Coles is a great place to find Halloween decorations, with everything you might want under one roof.


3. Join in with Halloween traditions

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Celebrate Halloween with an Aussie twist by attending local traditions and festivities. Every country has unique traditions for the holiday, and Australia is no different. Some Australian Halloween traditions include trick or treating, apple bobbing and pumpkin carving. For instance, ghost tours are a suitably spooky way to kick things off. Try out the Brisbane cementary tour to really get the goosebumps raising.

Whatever your local tradition is, you might need to buy a couple of things, and eBay – in its own words – sells everything. This makes it ideal for buying what you need.


4. Break out the Halloween candy

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Treat your guests to Halloween goodies that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Woolworths has one of the biggest selections of sweets and chocolates. You’ll be spoilt for choice and your guests with gobble up their favourites in no time. From classic gummy bears to pumpkin-shaped chocolates, your ‘Treat’ station will be your party ‘Trick’.


5. Make your own spooky treats for your Halloween party

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Premade sweets and chocolates are great, but homemade treats will propell your party to another place. Get the ‘kids’ involved in the kitchen and don’t worry about the mess – it’s all part of the freaky fun. Some ideas we love include ‘witch hat cupcakes’, ‘popcorn hands’ and ‘spider web pizza’. Or get creative and come up with your own recipe. Here’s another idea – share your creepy creations with us on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

Homemade treats are also great if you have guests with dietary needs. If you have some vegan or gluten-free friends, you can make them something they can enjoy. Whatever you decide to make, you might need some cooking equipment. Luckily, Myer has everything you need to become a pro in the kitchen.


6. Give your guests some Halloween gifts to take home

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Sending your guests home with a goodie bag as a thank you for coming is a lovely touch. If they’ve had their fill of Halloween candy, send them home with mini witch hats or spooky decorations as an alternative. If you want to make your guests feel extra special, give them personalised gifts. These small touches can make your Halloween party one that people remember for a long time. Check out Woolworths for affordable little treats – or tricks if that your thing – to give your guests.


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