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  • Complete your profile
  • Respond to new invites timely
  • Take your time
  • Answer honestly and coherently
  • Have only one LifePoints account
  • Avoid shared Wi-Fi networks
  • Don’t use VPN or ad blockers
  • Maximise your earnings
  • Take a break when abroad
Tip 9
Take a break when abroad

Your LifePoints account is specific to the country you’re in when signing up. Every survey is tailored for a specific market and studies can’t simply be interchanged among different territories. If we detect that your account is being accessed from a different country, your account might get suspended for security reasons. So, if you’re travelling, know that we will miss you immensely, but it might be best to wait until you’re back home to resume taking surveys. If you’re moving to a different country, please contact us through the Help Center and we’ll advise you on what to do.