How to earn $25 in TJ Maxx Gift Cards

If you’re looking for discounts on clothes, accessories, home goods and more, TJ Maxx is your store. But what if we told you there was a way to earn gift cards for TJ Maxx online, for free, from the comfort of your own home?

Here's how:

  • Take Online Surveys

  • Get rewarded for your opinion

  • The more surveys you take, the more you earn

TJ Maxx

How do you earn free TJ Maxx gift cards?

The biggest companies across the nation need feedback on their products from people like you. LifePoints is the bridge that connects you to those companies. You answer some questions in surveys, they get to see your opinions, and you earn points. After you’ve collected enough points, you can then swap your points for TJ Maxx gift cards. It's that easy.

Surveys are quick and easy, and the more you do, the more you earn.

How many points do I need to earn a free TJ Maxx gift card?


LifePoints needed

$5 TJ Maxx gift card


$10 TJ Maxx gift card


$25 TJ Maxx gift card



Take LifePoints surveys 

At LifePoints, all you need to get a free TJ Maxx gift card is an opinion. Without opinions like yours, businesses can’t connect with their customers and improve. That's where LifePoints steps in.

Once signed up, you’ll see all the different surveys you can take. After you've taken those surveys, you earn points called LifePoints. When you’ve collected enough LifePoints, you can swap them for rewards like free TJ Maxx gift cards, or others, like Macy’s or Amazon.

You can get 10 complimentary LifePoints if you sign up today.

Other ways to earn free TJ Maxx gift cards

  1. Join the TJ Maxx rewards page
  2. Use cashback apps like Rakuten
  3. Find in-store events and promotions
  4. Subscribe to the email newsletter

Join the TJ Maxx rewards page

The TJ Maxx loyalty program offers exclusive perks, birthday rewards and points on every purchase. Once you have enough points, you earn gift cards.

For more information, like how to sign up and how to redeem rewards, visit the TJ Maxx FAQ page.

Use cashback apps like Rakuten

If you already buy stuff from TJ Maxx, cashback apps like Rakuten are a fantastic way to get gift cards. Download it, scan a copy of your receipt, and earn points. You can then swap those points for rewards.

Subscribe to the email newsletter

Once signed up, TJ Maxx will send offers directly to your email, keep an eye on your inbox so you don't miss any opportunities to boost your TJ Maxx gift card balance.

To sign up, visit the TJ Maxx website.

Still have questions?

You can buy TJ Maxx gift cards directly from TJ Maxx or from big retailers like Amazon. Or get one for free with LifePoints.

You can check your balance on the TJ Maxx site, find it on your receipt after using your gift card, or ask an associate at any TJ Maxx store to check it for you.

You can use your TJ Maxx gift card at any TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, Homesense or Sierra.

Now you know the best ways to get a free TJ Maxx gift card


Ready to find some bargains? Join the LifePoints community. We can’t promise you’ll be able to buy everything you want, but you can earn a few hundred dollars every month. In the last year, LifePoints gave out around $22 million in rewards.