How to earn Amazon gift cards

There are a lot of legit ways you can earn free Amazon gift cards, but none are as popular or as quick as taking online surveys.

Earning a free Amazon gift card with surveys is fast and easy. Sign up, share your opinion on a range of topics for points and redeem your points for rewards like Amazon gift cards which you can spend on anything.

With LifePoints you can take surveys wherever and whenever you want to fit around your busy schedule. You probably have questions, so read on to discover how you can earn and use free Amazon gift card rewards.

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Can you take surveys for free Amazon gift cards?

Yes! Not only can you take surveys for free Amazon gift cards, you can do it right here on this site. The surveys are easy and take just a few minutes to do. By taking our surveys you get to share your opinion on things that matter like politics or famous brands. After sharing your opinion you get paid with a range of fantastic rewards , including Amazon gift cards.


How do Amazon Gift Cards work?

Amazon gift cards work like cash or other ways to pay. Once you have a gift card redeemed and loaded onto your account you can spend it on Amazon like you would cash.

How to redeem Amazon gift cards

Redeeming your Amazon gift card is easy:

  1. First sign in, then find your gift card code. It will either be sent to you electronically, like with Lifepoints, or on the back of the physical card.
  2. With your code, go to Amazon find the menu titled “Account” and click “Manage Gift Card Balance” in the drop-down menu. Or click the “Gift Cards & Top Up” box.
  3. Once there click “Top up Your Account” and type in your code.
  4. Your gift card has now been redeemed and applied.

If you need further help contact Amazon customer service

Still have questions?

Below are our most frequently asked questions. If you need more answers, see the LifePoints Help Centre

Once the balance is loaded onto your account, you can spend it straight away almost any of the business that Amazon owns (with a few exceptions). Here are a few places can spend your gift cards:

  1. Amazon Prime
  2. Amazon Marketplace
  3. Amazon Basics
  4. Amazon Kindle
  5. Amazon Fresh

Unfortunately, right now you are only able to spend your Amazon gift card on and a selection of other businesses owned by Amazon.

It is important to note you are only able to redeem the Amazon gift card in the currency it is bought in. For example, you cannot buy an Amazon gift card in the US and then use it on Amazon Japan.

No, Amazon gift cards can only be used for products on their sites. Amazon states that you may not “Sell or exchange a gift card for cash or for any other prepaid payment instrument”. You are also unable to spend Amazon gift cards to buy gift cards to other stores, on Audible, at Whole Foods or to pay for subscription fees. Be sure to check Amazon’s website for a full list of terms and conditions to see what is eligible.

With online surveys you can get gift cards for free. While you’re using your time to get them, you are not paying any cash for the gift cards like you normally would. You can take as many surveys as you like, so you can earn as much as you like in free Amazon gift cards.

Getting Amazon gift cards fast is possible. Explore your options but generally the more time and effort you put in the faster you will be able to get the Amazon gift card. When taking surveys online the more surveys you take in a short amount of time the faster you will get your reward.

Start earning Amazon gift cards now

There are loads of way to earn Amazon gift cards – no matter your lifestyle. Start earning your Amazon gift cards today, find out about LifePoints and our community of members around the world who are giving their opinion in exchange for fantastic rewards.

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