LifePoints testimonials: Vincent’s review

published December 8, 2022

“For people like me it’s great way to have an effect on the world.”

Meet Vincent! Vincent has been a member of the LifePoints community for a few years. Vincent likes that he can share his opinion and his voice is heard: “Every question you answer is going to change something. That data collected will be used for something.”

Vincent also likes the diversity of topics covered in the surveys: “from consumer products to politics there’s a range of topics you get to have a say on.”

“I like that LifePoints allows us to be so expansive with our opinion and to be able to change the future.”

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LifePoints rewards

As well as having your voice heard, you earn some amazing rewards when you complete LifePoints surveys. With great rewards like gift cards from retailers like Amazon or a PayPal balance transfer, you’ll find something useful. Once you have your reward it’s important to stay safe, so read our guide on shopping safely online .

Still have questions?

Find below our most frequently asked ones, or for more answers, see the LifePoints Help Center.

How to earn quick cash with online surveys?

Earning quickly with LifePoints is easy. Signing up takes no time and the more surveys you take, the quicker you will get paid.

How to get paid for taking surveys?

With LifePoints you can cash out after you have earned enough points. When you are ready to cash out you can simply select PayPal cash or a gift card of your choosing.

How to do online surveys for money?

Taking surveys online for money is easy. Sign up in a few minutes you’ll be ready to take surveys and earn cash online quickly.

How does LifePoints pay?

With LifePoints you can get paid with either a PayPal balance transfer or your choice of top gift cards. To learn more about available rewards take a look at our rewards page.

How much money can you make on LifePoints?

You can make a good amount of money taking surveys with LifePoints. It is not a replacement for a full-time job, but we have members like Douglas from Pennsylvania, US, who has made over $1000 in cash or gift cards last year alone just by taking surveys.

What is LifePoints Panel?

LifePoints panel and LifePoints are the same thing. Any time you them being used they can be swapped for the other one.

Now you have all your questions answered it’s time to start earning with LifePoints. You can even get 10 complimentary rewards points just for signing up. Or start earning today straight from your mobile with the LifePoints App.