LifePoints testimonials: Calum’s review

published April 4, 2023

“I appreciate that LifePoints gives the opportunity to reach a diverse group of men and women from different ages, backgrounds and cultures.”



Say hello to Calum. He likes taking research surveys with LifePoints as he can have his voice heard and make an impact: “It gives me a chance to help a company or a product to grow and make the changes needed to continue the good things and improve on the bad things as well.”


Calum’s favorite research survey he’s participated in was based on a commercial for a laptop. Being interested in technology made the survey extra interesting for Calum: “It was so cool to be able to contribute to that commercial.” Calum was then able to see his opinion in action later on when he saw the commercial. “I actually saw the changes when the company released the official advertisement.”


“I like to see the changes that my opinion can make and to know that I make a difference.”


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Get rewarded for sharing your opinions with LifePoints

As well as having your voice heard, you earn some amazing rewards when you complete research surveys with LifePoints. With great rewards like gift cards from retailers like Amazon or a PayPal balance transfer, you’ll find something useful. Once you have your reward it’s important to stay safe, so read our guide on shopping safely online.


Still have questions?

Find below our most frequently asked ones, or for more answers, see the LifePoints Help Center.


What are LifePoints? What types of rewards can I get when I collect them?

When you complete a survey with LifePoints you are rewarded with “LifePoints” which can be exchanged for great rewards like Amazon gift cards or money into your PayPal account. To read more about the rewards you can earn visit the rewards page.


When will I receive my LifePoints?

You will receive your LifePoints as soon as you have completed the survey.


How many points are rewarded per survey?

Each survey will give you a different number of points based on factors like how long it is and the topic that the survey focuses on.


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