LifePoints testimonials: Belinda’s review

published December 8, 2022

“I love LifePoints because I love feeling connected to people just like myself.”

Meet Belinda! Belinda has been a member of the LifePoints community for a decade now. Belinda likes the community aspect of LifePoints and how she feels connected: “It feels like we’re in a circle together giving our opinions together.”

Belinda’s favourite memory with LifePoints was when she got a survey about a product she owned and now had the chance to give feedback on it: “I received the survey literally the next day after receiving a product and I felt like it was not a coincidence, and I was really supposed to do that survey.”

“LifePoints has been a really great friend through really great times and really not great times.”

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LifePoints rewards

As well as joining Belinda in the LifePoints community, you earn some great rewards when you complete LifePoints surveys. With great rewards like a top gift card or a PayPal balance transfer, you’ll find an option you love. Once you have your reward it’s important that you know how to stay safe, so read the guide about shopping safely online .

Still have questions?

Find below our most frequently asked ones, or for more answers, see the LifePoints Help Center.

What is LifePoints?

LifePoints is a survey panel where community members take surveys in exchange for rewards like PayPal transfers to a range of gift cards.

Does LifePoints actually pay you?

Yes, LifePoints pays you points for taking its surveys and you can swap those points for a range of rewards. But don’t take our word for it, members like Belinda, Erica , and Robert will all tell you that they not only get paid, but they really enjoy the experience.

Is LifePoints worth it?

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make money or earn gift cards LifePoints is worth it. The surveys only take a short amount of time, and you can earn rewards to buy pretty much anything you can think about.

Is LifePoints panel safe?

Protecting you and your data is a top priority at LifePoints. If you want to see how you are protected, read the LifePoints privacy policy .

How does LifePoints pay you?

You can choose how LifePoints pays you. If you want to earn an Amazon gift card you can. If you want a transfer into your PayPal account that is also an option. Once you have chosen your reward LifePoints will send it to you quickly.

Now you have all your questions answered it’s time to start earning with LifePoints. You can even get 10 complimentary rewards points just for signing up. Or start earning today straight from your mobile with the LifePoints App.