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Tips to help with the cost of living from real people

published February 15, 2023
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Many places around the world are experiencing higher than normal inflation. For example, in the UK inflation has hit a 40 year high of nearly 11%. Australia might not have been hit as hard as some other countries, but inflation is still higher than normal at almost 8%, which is the highest since the 1990s. Inflation is up, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the things you enjoy the most. The good news is you can keep your favourite little luxuries with a few of the money hacks and tips from people just like you – our LifePoints community.

LifePoints is one of the world’s largest market research and survey companies. We have a huge global community of people earning rewards and gift cards for sharing their opinion about brands and products with us.

We recently reached out to our members on Twitter and Facebook for their best tips for saving money. The community members delivered, giving over 200 hints and hacks to beat inflation, including:


  • Buying in bulk
  • Budgeting
  • Planning ahead
  • Ways to save on food
  • How to find the best deals


This article will go over some of the most important cost cutting ideas but look out for more pages coming soon. Over the next few months, LifePoints will be sharing more tips from our members on how to plan your budgets, how you can save money on food, and how to buy in bulk, all of which will help you save money quickly.


How to save money on your food bill

Have you recently been spending more on food and drink? LifePoints community members have too and have shared some of the best ways that you can cut down your food and drink bill.


Cook more at home

One of the most common ways LifePoints members are able to spend less on food is to cook more at home. Not only will you save some money, but it can also have health benefits. Priya, a LifePoints member from Facebook explains how she does this: “Cut down on online food delivery and enjoy home cooked healthy food.”

Priya's Facebook comment

Plan your meals

There are other ways you can cut down on food costs if you don’t want to cook at home. One of these options is to plan more ahead of time. If you plan your meals, you can find and use sales. Christine does this herself and to save money: “Plan ahead a week’s worth of meals a use as many coupons and find the best price for items.”

Christine's Facebook comment

Grow your own

You can even get food for free by growing it yourself in your own garden. Cecile describes how she grows her own vegetables: “I planted vegetables in my garden. Get something free instead of buying.” Not only will you be able to save money on something you already eat, but you’ll learn a new skill and have fun.

Cecile's Facebook comment

How to beat inflation by buying in bulk

Buying in bulk is a great way you can save some money and beat inflation, and it’s easier than you think. You have a few options to choose from when you buy in bulk, and you can buy whatever you want or need. Shops like eBay, Costco, or even Amazon are all great places to start. You could even check with your local grocery store to see if there are any bulk items available.

At some places like Costco, you’ll need a membership, which can cost money, but the savings will often be worth it. You can also combine buying in bulk with other tips like using coupons or finding deals to save even more money.

Mini from our Facebook suggests buying bulk to save money on everyday essentials: “I bulk buy on items which we use more often”. This is a great for non-perishables that you buy frequently like rice and laundry detergent, so why not buy them in bulk to help you save money?


Save money by spending less

It might sound simple but the best way to save money is to spend less money. If you look at what you are spending money on and focus on the essentials, you can often find savings in places you wouldn’t expect. Odrareg does exactly this: “Avoid unnecessary shopping. stick to basic needs.”

Odrareg's Facebook comment

Look for specials and deals

Spending less doesn’t always mean not buying something you want as you can often find offers and specials. Kim sums it up nicely explaining: “I just go for what is cheaper and look out for specials”. This is a great way to spend less money and not sacrifice the important things.

Kim's Facebook comment

Earn money on the side

If you don’t want to spend less money, why not earn a little extra on the side? There are a lot of side hustles out there but earning cash and gift cards by taking LifePoints surveys will always be one of the easiest ways. You can take our surveys anywhere you want, on any device including on the LifePoints app. You can earn your money fast and even have your opinion heard on some of the most important brands and products that you use every day.

Check out our LifePoints rewards page for all the benefits and money you can earn. And to find out what other LifePoints members say about how easy it is to take earn with surveys, see their reviews and testimonials.


Using a plan and budget will help you save even more

Planning and keeping track of your spending can help you save even more as inflation rises. Once you see how much you spend on different things, you can find areas to save money. Tracking what you spend will also allow you to see if you are spending more than normal on something e.g., one month you might be spending more on clothes without realising it.

You have a few options to plan and track your spending. You could use a something simple like an excel sheet to track how much you spend and earn. Or if you want something a bit more techy and sleek you could use Good Budget. You can use it on desktop or with their app. So, there you go, as long as you track how much you spend using the best way that fits your style, you’ll be able to save more effectively.


You’re now ready to save more money

With the tips from the LifePoints community you’re now equipped to save money in a variety of ways. Whether you buy in bulk, budget more, save on your food bill or do a combination of whatever you want, you’re sure to find these hacks and tips helpful.

There are hundreds of ideas and life hacks shared by our members on Facebook and Twitter, so follow along to see the full collection of tips or share your own hints and lifehacks.

 Check our LifePoints articles in the future for more in depth details on ideas, hints and hacks to save money.


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