The new LifePoints app is ready, are you?

lifepoints app

The new LifePoints app is ready, are you?

Great news! We made a new app for Android, it is also called LifePoints and it makes earning points (LPs) easier than ever! 

3 reasons to download the app today:

1.    It’s easy to use (and very light)!
Taking surveys has never been so easy. Download the app, sign in with your current LifePoints email and password, and you’re all set! Additionally, the app is so light that it won't take up too much space in your Android phone!

2.    You can take surveys anywhere.
Bored while waiting for the bus? Time to complete another survey and earn more LPs! Take surveys on the go. Anytime, anywhere. 

3.    Full Features!
You’ll have direct access to all LifePoints’ surveys and the same features you’d experience on desktop. Quickly choose the survey you want to take next, check your balance or redeem your LPs.

Come check it out for yourself and get started now! 

lifepoints app