LifePoints testimonials: Steve’s review

published December 5, 2023

“We are being listened to, and our opinions are making a difference in shaping ads, products and services”


Meet Steve! Steve really values the way in which LifePoints surveys allow him to be understood as a consumer and provide feedback for products: it feels really, really good to know that the information that we're providing is genuinely appreciated and is truly making a difference.


Steve explains in his review that Lifepoints offers regular survey questions for product feedback, in comparison to other providers: “The surveys are frequent, which is really, really nice. I belong to some other survey panels, and they're far and few between.”


“The surveys are always so much fun. I don't know if I have a favorite topic, they're all really interesting.”


Cars are just one of the topics you’ll get to share your opinion in. To see other ways that surveys change bug brands, check out the how surveys make an impact blog.


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LifePoints rewards

When you complete surveys with LifePoints, you get to choose a great reward for sharing your opinion. With rewards like PayPal cash or an Amazon gift card, you’ll be on your way to buying something nice. To see how taking surveys can help you out in other ways too, check out the six benefits of taking surveys with LifePoints.


Still have questions?

Find the most frequently asked questions below, or for more answers, see the LifePoints Help Centre.


What are online surveys?

An online survey is a series of question/questionnaire that gets consumer’s opinions on a particular topic or product feedback.


What are some advantages of online surveys?

There are many advantages to online surveys. They are convenient, highly accessible and easy to complete whilst on the go.


How does LifePoints work?

LifePoints rewards you for every survey you complete. You can use your LifePoints for e-gift cards and PayPal cash, or you can donate them to charity.


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