LifePoints testimonials: Mary’s review

published December 5, 2023

“The main reason I like answering surveys online is because I get to tell my opinions.”


This is Mary. She explains in her LifePoints review that she likes that surveys give her the chance to share her opinions: I am able to tell my opinions is like having an opportunity to explain my point of view or telling people what I want to see in my products, which is important for me. ”


Mary likes how she’s able to shape how products are developed: “The more I’m heard the more suitable the product is for me.”


“It feels like having the power to influence the future and that you contributed.”


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LifePoints rewards

When you complete surveys with LifePoints, you get to choose a great reward for sharing your opinion. With rewards like PayPal cash or an Amazon gift card, you’ll be on your way to buying something nice. To see how taking surveys can help you out in other ways too, check out the six benefits of taking surveys with LifePoints.


Find the most frequently asked questions below, or for more answers, see the LifePoints Help Centre.


What is LifePoints panel?

LifePoints Panel is one of the top survey providers. Once you sign up, you can take surveys and get paid for what you think.


What paid survey sites are legitimate?

Not all survey sites are legitimate. To read more information, check out our Which Paid Survey Sites are Legit guide.


How does LifePoints pay you?

LifePoints pays you with rewards such as a Lowe’s or Starbucks gift card.


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