LifePoints testimonials: Satrajit’s review

published December 5, 2023

“Surveys are important because they bring out the attributes where they can add value in our daily lives”


Meet Satrajit! Satrajit views LifePoints surveys as a way to bring his opinions on products to life: At the end of the day, we’re all in the customers' shoes. It’s important to make sure we offer, and get offered, the best as well”


Satrajit explains in his review that he sees a lot of variety in the ways that LifePoints surveys can help everyday people out: “It could be value for money, brand value or other important reasons.”


“The overall experience has been very enjoyable. My favorite topic was about cars and car brands.”


Cars are just one of the topics you’ll get to share your opinion in. To see other ways that surveys change bug brands, check out the how surveys make an impact blog.

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LifePoints rewards

When you complete surveys with LifePoints, you get to choose a great reward for sharing your opinion. With rewards like PayPal cash or an Amazon gift card, you’ll be on your way to buying something nice. To see how taking surveys can help you out in other ways too, check out the six benefits of taking surveys with LifePoints.


Still have questions?

Find the most frequently asked questions below, or for more answers, see the LifePoints Help Centre.


What is LifePoints all about?

LifePoints is about you getting paid, quickly, for sharing your opinion on a variety of topics.


How does LifePoints pay?

LifePoints pays you with rewards like Starbucks, target or CVS gift cards, among others.


What are LifePoints in global test market?

Global test market recently became LifePoints. Don’t worry though, you can still get all the benefits with LifePoints. has rebranded to


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