PayPal is one of the world’s leading payment platforms, and most of us have used it at some point, whether you’re buying something on eBay, Amazon, or within your phone apps. This means you’ll likely have many questions about how it works and how to use your PayPal cash. But wouldn’t it be great to get some PayPal credit for free?

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As Asia’s leading eCommerce platform, Lazada has over 550 million users and 150,00 sellers in six countries. With over 3,000 brands available, a Lazada gift card gives you the flexibility to buy whatever you want. Whether you want clothes, household essentials or electronics, Lazada has you covered.

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Did you know you can donate to charity with LifePoints? Contributing to a charity is enriching, but not all of us have spare funds to share. That's where LifePoints comes in. We have created partnerships with some of the biggest charities in Malaysia, including the Bulan Sabit Merah Malaysia and UNICEF.

When you sign up to LifePoints, the points you earn from taking our product surveys can be changed into a donation from 5 Ringgit upwards. When redeeming your points, you simply select the charity you wish to donate to.