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Online Holi Sales – Save Massively with Free Gift Cards

published February 2, 2024
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How to Make Huge Savings This Year


Holi, the festival of colours, is not just a celebration of spring; it's a time of joy, renewal, and community bonding. Alongside traditional festivities, a modern phenomenon has emerged: significant online sales events by giants like Flipkart and retailers like Pantaloons.

LifePoints rewards people like you for filling in surveys with gift cards from both retailers. We’ll get into the detail of exactly how a little later, but for now, here’s a thought:

If you join LifePoints today you could spend the next few months filling in surveys in your spare time. You do that, you get gift cards for PayPal and Flipkart. So, when Holi sales arrive, you can use those same gift cards to save even more on discounted products and end up filling your basket with all you need for very little. 


 What is LifePoints? 

LifePoints works with brands across India who rely on surveys to help them make informed decisions. We connect these brands to you so you can share your opinion. Every time you do, we give you ‘LifePoints’. You can then exchange your LifePoints for gift cards – like ones from Amazon and Flipkart. 

With Holi Festival approaching, you can save tens of thousands of rupees during the online sales. Here’s what you do:

  1. Join LifePoints
    Click here to create your account and get started. 


  1. Swap your LifePoints for Gift Cards
    The more surveys you do, the more LifePoints you earn. The more LifePoints you earn, the more gift cards you get. It’s that easy. It’s a great side-hustle you can do in your spare time and on the go using our app. 


  1. Use your Gift Cards During the Online Sale
    If you’re a LifePoints member, you can combine your gift cards with the sales and score incredible deals, often getting your goods for free. So, sign up and get 10 points immediately. Then, start your survey journey, and when the online sale day goes live, you can take massive advantage of the discounts in combination with your gift cards.


 The Cultural Significance of Holi 

Holi's roots in mythology and its celebration of good over evil resonate deeply within Indian culture. However, as society evolves, so do its customs. The festival, once primarily about community gatherings and physical play with colours, now also sees a surge in online activity, especially shopping.


 Online Shopping during Holi 

The essence of Holi lies in its vibrancy and the spirit of giving. People shop to prepare for the celebration – buying new clothes symbolising a fresh start, and colourful powders and sprays for play. Gifting is another significant aspect, with families and friends exchanging presents as a token of love and goodwill.

Ecommerce has transformed festival shopping. The ease of browsing and buying from home has led to a noticeable increase in online purchases during Holi. Sales data from previous years show a spike in transactions in the weeks leading up to the festival.

Retailers like Flipkart and Pantaloons capitalize on this period with targeted marketing campaigns. They offer special discounts, limited time offers, and exclusive product launches, tapping into the festive mood of the consumers.


 The Most Popular Holi Purchases 

The range of products bought during Holi is diverse:

  • Ethnic Wear: Reflecting the festive spirit, there's a high demand for traditional attire
  • Holi Essentials: Organic colours, water guns, and protective gear are popular
  • Electronics: This period sees a surge in purchases of gadgets, often as gifts
  • Home Decor: Many take this time to renovate or spruce up their homes


Amazon During Holi

Last year Amazon India hosted the Amazon Holi Sale and this looks to continue. 

There was an impressive collection of deals on mobile phones, clothing, appliances, gadgets and more. It ran for three days and many Indian shoppers took full advantage. 

This time around make sure you do the same. You can trade your LifePoints for PayPal vouchers, add these to your bank account, and then spend on Amazon.

 Flipkart During Holi 

As the kings of India ecommerce, Flipkart offers amazing specials during Holi.

If you create a LifePoints account today and join us as a panellist you’ve got a good few weeks to earn plenty of points, which you can swap for Flipkart gift cards as Holi begins. You could be getting a new phone for half the price.


 Join LifePoints for Holi 

So that’s it then. We want to make sure this Holi is your cheapest one yet. Sign up here and join thousands of fellow Indians earning gift cards every day. Holi is about giving. To your friends, your family and to yourself. It’s also about giving to those less fortunate, so keep your eyes peeled on our socials to learn ways to give back as well.

Welcome on board.