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The 9 Best Ways to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

published May 9, 2022
The 9 Best Ways to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon is the biggest store in the world, nearly everything you need or want can be purchased there. You also know that whatever you buy will be available at a reasonable price and can be shipped quickly, which is why getting free Amazon gift cards can be so valuable.

There are dozens of ways to easily get free Amazon gift cards without having to pay any cash. This blog will explore the nine best ways you can earn, while answering any questions you may have about how to get them and what limitations there are. There are multiple ways to earn, so you are sure to find a way that fits your lifestyle, commitments and interests. Happy earning!

1. Playing Games Online

Did you know that you can earn Amazon gift cards by playing games online? In fact, playing games online is one of the most popular ways to earn Amazon gift cards, with a few platforms to choose from, including Inbox Pounds, GetPaidTo and AppFlame.

Whichever one you choose, go online and play the game of your choosing for tokens or coins and then exchange those tokens or coins for Amazon gift cards afterwards - an easy and fun way to earn Amazon credit.

2. Taking Online Surveys

Here at LifePoints you can take surveys to earn Amazon gift cards. Simply sign up, and once your account is created you are free to take surveys to earn points (LPs) which can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards (and other amazing rewards if you'd prefer something else!).

Surveys take between 10 to 20 minutes to complete and allow you to tell your opinion to brands directly. We'll also give you a 10-point sign-up bonus to get you on your way to your first Amazon gift card. Interested? Discover more about how LifePoints works here.

3. Watching Videos, TV Shows and Movies

Do you enjoy watching TV shows, videos or movies? Now you can earn Amazon gift cards while doing so. Like playing games online, you have options of where to go to earn the Amazon credit.

InstaGC, GetPaidTo both allow you to join their service, choose something to watch and start earning Amazon gift cards. There are a variety of genres to choose from, so there is something to fit everyone’s style.

4. Testing Different Apps

App developers need people to test their apps and give feedback, and you can be rewarded in Amazon gift cards for taking part. AppKarma and FeaturePoints both allow you to download new apps, give your opinion, and get rewarded for it. Sometimes, you only need the download and use the app for a few hours before removing it from your device if you find you have no use for them. But you never know, maybe you’ll discover a new app that you can no longer live without!

4. Completing Human Intelligence Tasks

Businesses often need to outsource random and simple tasks such as data entry, labelling photos and filling in spreadsheets, among others. Mechanical Turk allows you to do these and get rewarded for it! You can do as little or as many of these tasks as you want, it’s entirely up to you. What’s more is Mechanical Turk is owned by Amazon so there are no concerns about legitimacy.

5. Buying Everyday Items

You can get cashback in the form of Amazon gift cards on thousands of everyday items through Quidco. Once signed up for the service, purchase an item on their store and you will receive a reward of some sort. You can buy a range of brands and items too to earn the Amazon gift cards, such as Nike, B&Q, and Groupon, among many others.

6. Taking Pictures of Receipts

This is one of our favourites. We all get so many receipts a week and normally just throw them away. But now you can turn them into Amazon gift cards simply by taking a photo of them. Storewards does exactly that, and it’s available on both iPhone and Android. Once downloaded, just take a picture of eligible receipts and you will get an Amazon gift card in return. For little effort, this is a great way to earn some extra Amazon credit.

7. Selling Old Gadgets and Electronics

We all have old gadgets laying around the house which are just collecting dust. While it can be difficult to say goodbye to our trusted friends, it’s a great way to earn Amazon gift cards. The Amazon trade-in program allows you to sell your old video games, phones, tables and more directly to Amazon, cutting out the middleman. And in return, you can earn gift cards to spend on your next gadget.

8. Counting Your Steps

Do you ever need that little bit of extra motivation to do some exercise or go for a walk? Then Sweatcoin could be for you. Once you have the app, which is available for iPhone and Android, it tracks your steps and gives you coins based on how may steps you take. The more steps you take the more you earn and the more you can spend.

This is a fantastic option if you want to earn Amazon gift cards without increasing your screen time. It’s worth noting that Sweatcoin rewards change and update, so there is no guarantee the coins can always be exchanged for Amazon gift cards.

9. Affiliate Marketing

By using affiliate marketing networks, you can sell products for a company while earning up to 12% commission directly from the likes of Amazon for doing so. Affiliate marketing has grown a lot on the past few years, and there is a good reason why. You don’t need a big audience to succeed or even get started in affiliate marketing. All you need to do is have a qualifying website and you can sell the products however you want. There are millions of products available to sell, and you can also build a useful skill while doing so!

Find out more about Amazon's affiliate marketing programme here.

Now we've explored the many routes you can use to earn Amazon gift cards, you might have a few questions about how to redeem and spend your vouchers. Find the answers to all your questions here and, if you want to start earning Amazon gift cards with LifePoints, you can sign up today.