LifePoints Rewards Program Terms

LifePoints Rewards Program Terms


LifePoints Rewards Program Terms

  1. These LifePoints Rewards Program Terms ("the Rules") apply to all promotions run by Lightspeed LLC ("Lightspeed"), including, but not limited to the Points Program, as promoted on LifePoints panel website ("the Website"). LifePoints ("LifePoints") is the name of the panel operated by Lightspeed.
  2. Lightspeed reserves the right to modify the Rules, so it is important that you check them periodically. Continued use of the Website and participation in surveys is considered acceptance of the Rules, and any modified terms included therein.

Accumulation Of LifePoints Points

  1. Once you have joined the panel, LifePoints will be awarded when you undertake various online activities on the Website.
  2. The activities that will allow you to earn LifePoints may change from time to time, at Lightspeed's discretion. These activities will be clearly set out on the Website or within these Rules.
  3. Currently, you can earn LifePoints by completing most surveys. Where a survey does not carry LifePoints, this will be clearly stated on the Website at the beginning of the survey or in the survey invitation email that you will receive from us.
  4. Lightspeed reserves the right to suspend, terminate, revalue or modify without notice to you, all or part of the Points Program value structure and offers. Lightspeed reserves the right to adjudicate all LifePoints points discrepancies at its sole discretion, and you agree to abide with the decision of any adjudication. In the event that the Points Program is terminated, you will be notified and given 1 month in which to redeem your points.
  5. LifePoints Points will be posted to your account no later than 30 days following survey completion or entry into a prize draw and will be available for redemption as soon as they are posted to your account. Lightspeed takes reasonable care to ensure LifePoints Points are accurately deposited in your account. However, you are responsible for ensuring that your LifePoints Points are correctly deposited and you should notify Lightspeed within 2 months of completion of a survey or prize draw if LifePoints Points have not been correctly posted to your account. Lightspeed shall not be liable for any losses suffered due to any errors in the posting of points.

LifePoints Points Values

  1. You will receive a certain number of LifePoints Points per completed activity (dependent on complexity). The number of LifePoints Points available for any activity will be stated on the Website.
  2. You can view your total number of LifePoints Points online by visiting the Members' Page of the Website.
  3. LifePoints Points are personal to you and are not transferable without Lightspeed's written permission. They are not considered to be property, and as such, you cannot sell, transfer or assign your Points to any other person without Lightspeed's written permission.

Redemption Of LifePoints Points

  1. You can only redeem your Points if you have enough points to redeem the lowest points amount prize on the WebSite and if your account is in good standing.
  2. All LifePoints Points must be redeemed online. To redeem Points, you should go to the Members' page. Other LifePoints redemption methods may be added or substituted in the future at Lightspeed's sole discretion.
  3. The value of one LifePoints Point varies depending on the prize you choose. Lightspeed reserves the right to change this value without notice, and any change will be set out on the Website or within these Rules.
  4. LifePoints Points can currently be redeemed for gift vouchers.
  5. The LifePoints Points can be redeemed on the Website. Further details of this arrangement can be found on the Website. Lightspeed reserves the right to change merchandise and gift certificate offers on the Website at its discretion and without notice. You acknowledge that Lightspeed is not responsible for any actions taken by Perks or any partners in connection with the redemption of LifePoints Points.
  6. The value of your selected reward may not exceed the number of LifePoints Points in your account. However, you may select a reward of lesser value. Any unused Lightspeed Points will remain in your account for future use and once you redeem LifePoints Points, the appropriate number of Points will be deducted from your account.
  7. LifePoints Points are non-negotiable and may only be redeemed for the rewards stated above, or on the Website.
  8. Rewards received as a result of the redemption of LifePoints Points cannot be exchanged, returned or redeemed for cash value.
  9. The rewards pictured on the Website may not necessarily reflect the exact colours or models of actual rewards, due to printing variations and manufacturers' updates.
  10. Lightspeed reserves the right to substitute any reward for a reward of equivalent or higher value if a reward is not available.

Administration Of Rewards

  1. Lightspeed reserves the right to appoint a third party to administer its LifePoints Program and rewards. You should read the Privacy Policy regarding information that will be passed to third parties in order to administer the LifePoints Program and rewards.
  2. Lightspeed does not accept any liability for any losses suffered by you due to any error or omission by the third party in the administration or delivery of rewards.